Preserving the Harvest – Sloe and Apple Jelly

So as you may have read previously I went Sloe picking and ended up with quite a large amount of sloes! so what to do with it all?

Simple I tend to go mad and make Jelly. You can do this with most fruit it is quick and simple and super effective.

The Methodapple and sloe jelly

Takes as many sloes and apples as you need, there is no need to peel or core any of the apples

Place in a maslin pan and fill with water around 2/3 of the way up

Boil away merrily for around 30 mins until the sloes go soft and the apple is just pulp

Strain through a fine soft sieve over night so the juice runs into a separate bowl

Measure the juice out and remember for every litre of juice, add one kg of caster sugar and one sachet of pectin

Boil away until the setting point is reached

Bottle into sterilized jars and label

Delicious sweet jam suitable for cakes, scones or even just yummy on toast. perfect for those autumnal feasts or gifts at Christmas, for something with the slightly more personal touch!



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