Smooth supple and tropical – escape with N Spa

So as we know I love bath and shower gels so when I saw this I just couldn’t resist

N Spa Tropical Lime & Coconut Cream Shower Sorbet 225ml – £1.20 – £2.99NSPA - Lime

They say:

Double moisture shower cream body wash. A deliciously smooth and super fruity tropical lime body wash, bursting with protective antioxidant extracts of juicy pomegranate. Green tea and cranberry goodness.Skin feels tantalizingly softer and so self-righteous.

I Say:

For the price I was surprised at the quality. I was expecting it to be like most cheap shower gels, a lack of foam and dries out your skin. This is like rubbing a soft foamy moisturizer onto your skin, and the smell is of heavenly coconut, with that tang of lime to prevent it being just that little too sickly sweet.

I have been using it as a bubble bath as well, and actually it does pretty well making large amounts of lovely bubbles and giving off a very soothing and relaxing fragrance.

The packaging although not very classy doesn’t make the product look as cheap and its price tag though the red blob it the top doesn’t help. All in all a great daily wash to escape life for a bit, or even as a bubble bath if you have that little bit more time!


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