Who needs coffee? do it in style and bring back the Tea!

So recently I was in London, and I just had to pop into Fortnum and Mason. Now I really am not a massive Christmas fan until say December but I just had to pop in and see what they had done. Obviously it was tasteful luxurious and deliciously opulent. I felt like I had gone back in time into the 1870’s and the rise for the department store.

Now for those who don’t know Fortnum and Mason hold a number of royal warrants:

Fortnum & Mason has held a number of warrants dating back over nearly 150 years. On March 2nd, 1863 we were appointed Grocers to HRH the Prince of Wales; on April 1st, 1867 Oilmen to their Royal Highnesses Prince and Princess Christian of Schleswig-Holstein; October 5th, 1867 Furnishers to the Establishment of HRH the Crown Princess of Prussia, Princess Royal of Great Britain and Ireland; December 12th, 1867 Confectioners and Foreign Warehousemen to HRH the Princess of Wales; June 8th, 1887 Foreign Warehousemen to HRH the Prince of Wales; July 16th Purveyors of Oilery to HM the Queen

The are also world-renowned for their fantastic selection of teas. My question to you is forget about the coffees, the Cafe Nero, the Starbucks, the Costa and the busy corporate world that the Lattes and espresso bring, and relax and take your time over a pleasurable cup of tea…. How very British

Now the world of tea is well over whelming so here are a few of my favourite picks for you to try

F&M Chrismas

Christmas Tea & Caddy £15.00

Our special blend of Christmas tea begins with a high-quality Yunnan black tea, to which we add a gentle scattering of warm, wintry spices, including cloves, star anise, safflower petals and mulled wine flavours. The result is a warm and spicy drink that would be perfect with mince pies and Christmas cake. Presented in a decorative caddy covered in cheerful cherubs, this is a lovely Christmas gift.

I Say:

This truly is Christmas as a tea, and delicate balance of spices with the deep fragrance of black tea, with an adorable caddy to keep year upon year. Perfect for those winter afternoons with a warm scone or slice of naughty fruit cake.

Christening Tea – £9.50f&m christening

To mark the christening of His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge, we have created a special blend of loose leaf tea that is perfect for such a happy and historic occasion. The celebratory notes of muscatel from peak second flush Darjeeling are lifted with bergamot tones to create an elegant and fragrant twist on the classic Earl Grey. Presented in our decorative tin, this would make a lovely commemorative gift.

I Say:

Yes yes, so there’s been a royal baby, and to be honest I’m really not that bothered, however when I smelt this tea, I completely ignored the name. This has to be the most wonderful wholesome take on the Earl Grey I have ever had. If you are a tea lover, you must try this. Truly as masterpiece in tea!

f&m rose puchongRose Pouchong £7.50

In this speciality of China, rose petals are interleaved with the tea as it dries, and a few are left in for decoration, ensuring that the visual appeal matches the flavour.

Taste & strength
Fragrant and delicate.

Brewing information
Best drunk without milk to fully appreciate the delicate flavour.

I say:

Okay the name screams arrogant toff, but as a tea this is wonderful. it is quite bitter, but balanced well with the rose scent and infusion. definitely one to try,and drink without milk of course! Also for the price it would make a lovely gift for someone who is a tea fan. The caddy is also refillable, and as its F&M obviously it looks stunning!


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