Ladylike and Modern – Get Done out in Deco!

So I thought it was time to do a post about nails again. I have been so busy recently that I havent really paid much attention to my nails (shame on me I know) so late one night I decided whilst watching a movie to make a bit of a pamper session.

What colour did i go for you ask? well OPI’s Done Out in Decodeco

This polish was originally released as part of OPI’s Spring 2009 South Beach collection and it’s still reasonably easy to pick up nowadays

The colour is a dusky lilac, with enough grey in it to stop it looking to princessy and twee. A perfect colour for the office if you want to mix things up a little but still not look tacky and garish.

I needed three thin coats to build up the finish but the last has been amazing day three and still no chips at all. it also has a lovely natural glossy shine.

So why not go for a little purple pick me up?


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