Anyone for Polo? – I go daily!

Okay so I love perfume and gorgeous smells so when I saw this on sale I couldn’t resist and bought it on impulse without having even smelt it.

beverly-hills-polo-club-classic-by-beverly-fragrances-eau-de-toilette-spray-34-oz-441545it is a Light, fresh fragrance by Beverly Hills Polo Club. Launched 2003.

RRP: £8 – £24 Depending where you look

They say:

Polo Club Classic perfume is a more sophisticated presentation of the other Polo Club designs by Beverly Hills. This fragrance is very mysterious and pleasurable with enough passion for the evening and enough beauty for the night. It is a very feminine fragrance that will make you feel confident and womanly

Top notes: green mandarin, white grapefruit
Heart notes: blackcurrant, bulgarian rose, magnolia
Base notes: white pepper amber, musk

I say:

A surprising find really! Okay if you put this next to Valentino or Chanel it doesn’t stand a chance however as a stand alone every day office scent its great, and lets face it who wants to splash their expensive fragrances all over just for work? Its light fresh and not heavy at all some perfect for work meetings etc and the smell is not likely to offend anyone easily.

The bottle itself is cute and traditional and certainly doesn’t look out of place amongst my other perfumes even though it has a slightly preppy look.

Overall for the price I picked it up for (less than £10) I think it’s a great fragrance to wear daily with a smile on your face. I’ve even been asked about it whenever I’ve worn it. Save the posh stuff for when it’s needed and perhaps during the day take a trip to the Polo…



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