Change your life… Change your hair…

Okay, So life is hard for me at the moment, I’m recovering from a back operation, my love life well see the last post for details on that fiasco!

So what do we do when we are feeling a little low, we look to change ourselves in some way… and the first place we usually look is our hair, now I did the whole blonde thing… trust me for me not a good look, so I’m back to being a dark brunette and loving it… so what else can I do?

Well as if by magic I had the opportunity to head to Zahara Hair Extensions ( to have hair extensions put in, imagine how excited, long glossy tresses, a long rapunzel like mane! talk about christmas come early!!zahara

Well around 2 hours later, I had a long mane of glossy dark brown perfectly matched hair. I had the keratin bonds and I usually like scratching my hair so I was worried about what that would be like, but it’s really not that bad as the bonds are around the size of a grain of rice. They’ve been in a day and my hair/scalp feels a teeny bit sore, but that also is normal due to the weight of the hair but I wont lie they feel great.

I had a full head of 18 inch extensions and some slightly longer 22 inch ones blended in and I’m genuinely happy with the results, if you fancy that thick bouncy hollywood look why not go and treat yourself!


– Dont use conditioner at the roots of your hair

– Only wash you hair around 3 times a week and use dry shampoo in-between

– Get a great quality hair serum to put through the ends to prevent them drying out or looking clumpy

– always sleep with your hair in a loose plait to avoid the extensions getting knotty

– Get a special brush for the extensions – DO NOT use your own brush on the them

– Wear them with confidence and a smile!!!


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  1. It’s so funny how even the smallest bit of change in our hair can really give us back that spunk and make us excited and confident again.
    Cheers! ❤

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