Mini Spa moments…..

For Xmas I was bought a Champneys giftset and I realise I havent really spent any time reviewing products for a while!

So here it is:

Champneys Skin comfort showerChampneys Spa Treatments Skin Comforting Shower Cream

They say:

Experience soft, smooth skin like never before with this skin-comforting shower cream from Champneys. Designed to go on smooth and rinse off clean, this shower cream wont clog your pores or weigh down your skin. Its fortified with coconut oil, shea butter and milk proteins, so your skin is left feeling amazingly soft and silky hours after you’ve stepped out of the shower.

I say:

I’ve been using this as my regular body wash for a while now, and it doubles up as a bubble bath as well, It’s quite foamy and the bubbles last better than most bubble baths. The scent is very yummy, though it is very much a warm creamy smell, probably perfect before bed rather than a wake up in the morning type! It smells like a luxury product, however I wouldn’t say the quality was that of a premium product and the scent doesn’t linger on the skin as I feel it should. I wouldn’t say my skin feels any softer or more nourished than before sorry guys!

The packaging (like all Champneys products) is stunning, and it looks lovely, and fits in with a modern luxury bathroom however I know Bayliss and Harding are very similar on the design front at less than half the price!

I am always sceptical of spa products that you can get in main stream shops, and tend to stick to Elemis and Decleor as you can really tell the quality, I wouldn’t rate this myself as a Spa product, more of a more expensive body wash… Sorry guys!

I think as a gift it is a lovely thoughtful product, however I wouldn’t be tempted to purchase it again myself.

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