Tea? Why I don’t mind if I do…..

So every girl needs to date when she moves to a new area. Last night I was out on a date in Soho on a magical mystery tour. All I was told was flat shoes casual dress and Euston Station… I like a man with a plan

We’d been chatting a bit before so he knew the kind of things I liked…. anyway for after work he took me to Camellia’s off Canaby streetCamellias

They Say:

Camellia’s Tea House has been born out of a love and passion for tea. We enjoy serving a great cup of tea and creating interesting and novel tea and herbal infusion blends. We wanted to create an environment that is relaxing and enjoyable and our vision is to see Camellia’s Tea House as a place where people love the space we offer and its quirky ambience, love our original tea blends, enjoy our wide selection of carefully chosen teaware and gifts as well as our delicious cakes and tea food !   Making your way to the top floor of Kingly Court, off Carnaby Street you will see our premium yet quirky tea rooms.

We serve our teas and tea food in a wide range of teaware from antiques to contemporary styles. The drinking and eating experience is complemented by our large collection of music which can range from 1930s swing to contemporary jazz.   Camellia’s Tea House is not only a tea room, but also a retail shop where you can purchase over 100 different blends of tea (many of which are blended on site) which are displayed in glass jars and caddies.

camellias1Before you choose a tea, we recommend that you open a few jars and caddies and breathe in the beautiful aromas you will encounter…one tea will always call out to you !   We also sell a wide range of teaware and tea related accessories sourced from all over the world forming a variety of different styles and from different periods in time.  Our gift shop also has a very nice selection of gifts such as homeware, natural food and drinks and beauty products.

I Say:

For me heaven, Spot on! a cute quirky little Tea Room set in a little courtyard off Carnaby Street, you can get much more London and ladylike than that!

From the amazing blends of tea, to the cute and amazing displays of china ware it was call simply stunning. I wasn’t sure If I wanted to be in Victorian dress eating cucumber sandwiches or if I wanted to get my apron on and cook something. It was honestly sheer delight. camelliasinside

I had a stunning piece of triple layer red velvet cake (with cream cheese topping of course!) which was beautiful elegant and moist, really one of the best cakes I’ve ever had. My date went contemporary with pecan pie but it looked pretty delicious too.

Everything was quaint classy and cute without being too twee. Even down to the swing jazz we were listening too.

I highly recommend it, for girlies out for tea and lunch or even for a date – If he’s man enough to drink out of a pink tea-cup… go on I dare you…

Oh and as for the date? well only time will tell…. but for a venue choice he definitely gets an A* from me!



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