Spring Trends 2013

Well as we know (snow aside) its spring!!!

Which means new trends, below I’ve picked out a few of my faves (and most wearable!)

Sea Punk:

Think little mermaid meets Babylon Zoo! Okay that sounds hideous, but it’s really not, maybe steer clear of the unflattering reflective metallic sheens unless you have the body of a mermaid but there are plenty of ways of wearing it to stunning effect.

Think floaty and shimmery, with hues of silver and turquoise…

Some of my Favs:


Alberta Ferretti (right)

Monique L’huillier (Left)


They said horizontal stripes made you look bigger, now they say you look smaller… who knows and who cares! Everyone can wear stripes, and if you have an hour glass figure embrace them even more, accentuate your tiny waist and curvy hips! for those who are big busted, be careful you don’t wear ”stretchy stripes’ to as your bust can distort them leaving an unflattering look. A more tailored or structured item would look better like a prom dress type or blazer.


Go girlie!! anyone can look good in ruffles, the key is placement! of the hip flamenco girlie ruffles can balance out big hips, or give the illusion of curves for those who have a more boyish figure. Ruffles on a blouse or top can look flattering on those with smaller busts, but as a rule are a big no-no for those blessed with a large cup size, as they can make you look top-heavy and not in a good way!

My Favs:

Spring-Fashion-2013-Trend-Ruffles-Givenchy-600x900 Givenchy (Left) Spring-Fashion-2013-Trend-Ruffles-JW-Anderson-600x900


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