So I’ve been busy…

hey Lifegoodess here again, sorry for the hiatus on the posting front, as always life sometimes gets in the way…

but I’m back, and moving to London and setting up on my own (careerwise anyway!)  so this blog will be back to normal, the trials tribulations, and beauty and fashion advice of a 27yr old now living in London….. with her parents…. like that won’t be hard after having a 3 bedroom flat to herself and having lived away from home for 10 years! *sigh* the things we do for our careers.

So I’m moving on the 28th and only about half the flat is packed and I have two days left at my job… so no stress at all then.

In short the job I went for in London fell through, so I’m still moving back there and looking at setting up on my own.

I’ve put on about a stone in the past year which I’m looking to shift and my if my relationship with food was a facebook status.. well it would say its complicated. So the aims are to go back to London start a new career and get fit and healthy.

Sounds simple but as we all know with me… nothing really is.

So there we have the update i shall try to keep you posted as much as possible along with all the beauty and tend reviews as normal

wish me luck girls!



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