Oscars 2013!

C’mon what girl doesn’t dream of being able to dress for the Oscars, in reality not likely to happen but a girl can wish

I have managed to run over London Bridge in an Emerald Ballgown in the rain clutching my train like some mad Cinderella trying to get home for midnight though… but that’s a whole other story! and i did have someone stop me to tell me they loved my dress. My tip for you girls, even if your not going anywhere EVERY girl needs to run over a bridge in London with a ballgown. Amazing feeling!

So here are my highs and lows for the Oscars this year

adam-oscardelarenta      WIN: Amy Adams in Oscar De La Renta

What a gorgeous colour and princess look without looking too over the top, the shape of the  gown is simply stunning, love the hair too simple and elegant

osbourne-tonyward  WIN: Kelly Osbourne in Tony Ward

Another gorgeous dress, I love the classy strapping bandage look and the great neckline, this girl has really matured into a fashion queen, and kudos for sticking with the purple hair, not many can pull it off but Kelly O does! The beading on the dress is also simply stunning. A great choice to add to add to her elegant and kooky style



witherspoon-lousivuitton FAIL: Reese Witherspoon – Louis Vuitton

Amazig colour for her alabaster skin, and we all know I’m a huge fan of cobalt blue, however this dress just for me doesn’t fit right and lets face it the dresses she has worn in the past are stunners so she has A LOT  to live up to! Shes’ too curvy for this dress and would look so much better in something else I think that would show off her curves to the max. Sorry Reese and the hair for me too simple. This dress would look great on someone like Gwyneth Paltrow.

janiston-valentinoFAIL: Jen Aniston – Valentino

Now this would look great on you Reese! however on you Jen, it looks like something from the Debut by Debenhams range, and does nothing for your toned figure. Sorry.

Great that your steering clear from the traditional trademark nude and black though!

chastain-armarinpriveWIN: Jessica Chastain – Armarni Prive

What can I say? What a bombshell, this lady knows how to dress and is become her very own fashion icon.

Hair skin tone and dress work amazingly and she just looks stunning. From the Marilyn lips to the cut of the dress, just yes yes yes!


olivamunn-marchesaFAIL: Olivia Munn – Marchesa

In short, love to top, stunning embellished, elegant and then the bottom? makes her legs look stumpy and the train doesn’t help, just proves the right dress on the wrong person… something more simple and classic would look amazing.

aseyfried-alexmcqueen THE WINNER!

Amanda Seyfried – Alexander McQueen

Wow, wow, wow, everything about this just works the colour the modern take on the neckline, the cut on her figure and the slightly undone updo, really this is polished perfection and an iconic gown

I love everything about this dress, for me Hollywood Perfection


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