Curly fun!

Hey girls,

As we know I’m a product junkie, and I’ve been waiting a while to tell you about my latest find. I have wavy hair… you know the kind that when you brush your hair it goes frizzy? that’s me! So recently I’ve been trying to find a low maintainance way of doing my hair if I’ve got to rush out in the morning.

Goldwell DualSenses Curly Twist Leave-In 2-Phase Spray 150ml

RRP £7.65

They Say:

For curls that bounce with vitality use this Dualsenses Curly Twist Leave In 2-Phase Spray. Injecting moisture into your curls this spray will add some super vava-voom into your curls!

A luscious spray to enhance curls, bounce and body. Its advanced formula with specially developed Curl System with Bamboo Extract gives visibly bundled, shiny curls that will hold throughout the day and night.

I Say:

This product is similar to a surf/salt spray product but in my opinion nicer. The liquid is separated in to two layers which you need to shake to activate. The smell of the product is quite astringent really. Very heavy on the chemicals. However the results are good, and it certainly helps the curls for naturally and hold. Its does have the slight hairspray solid feel which is a shame but what salt type sprays don’t? when washed out it doesn’t leave your hair feeling dry and brittle like other curling products which is nice.

This is a good product and best used when hair is damp and still drying I find. The only thing is you need a fair amount so the bottle doesn’t last too long, which makes the product fairly expensive to use regularly.

All in all a good solid product that does what it says on the bottle!


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