Downmarket food in upmarket London

I recently had to head up to London for work related things, I decided to make a bit of a weekend of it by taking a friend with me to go and see the sights etc.

After wandering around for quite a while we realised we were starving. Now as we all know there are 1000’s of large chain restaurants in London, and when I go I like to go somewhere new, as you never know what little gem you might find!

We evetually settled on Biagio, It’s situated and 189 Piccadilly so a great central location and a cute looking front. Sadly that is where the positive points ended.

The atmosphere was awful, just bland and boring. The food (we ordered 2 pizzas) were just greasy, in fact mine seemed like they had just melted a huge amount of cheese on a prebaked dough base. The food was brought out quickly but the staff didn’t even know what 2 glasses of rose where when we tried to order them, cue having to try and explain what that was! Shocking really.

the service was attentive, but only because the place was empty, and they did the uncomfortable hovering around the table thing. The tip (12%!) was compulsory on the bill, when to be honest I would have been loathed to pay anything. The food was food and the pizzas were around £8-9 each and the most shocking part the price of the drink, 2 glasses of rose came to £13!!, at £7 a glass the quality was definitely not there.

Generally and awful place, overpriced with bad service and bad food!


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