Smarten Up! Trend: The Blazer

From The boyfriend, The Tailored to Pleplum the blazer is hair to stay for a while longer.

If you’re slim try a boyfriend style blazer with shorts to give you cute kooky sophistication. This one (green) is  from misguided at £24.99 and comes in 8 colours








If your curvy like me, whittle down your wait and show your assets with a single button blazer to really show off that tiny waist. This one (red) is from BooHoo at £25 and comes in 4 colours

There are a great colour range out there, from preppy nautical blue white and red combos with piping, to patterned blazers for that edge or just the simple autumnal tones of Taupe, Burgandy, and Green. My word of advice steer clear of Black, otherwise it just looks like a suit jacket!

A great wardrobe staple to smarten up any outfit and for those cooler autumn days.

My Fav?  A single button one from Primark in Forest Green. bargain at £13


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