Brighten Up! – Trend: Coloured Skinny Jeans!

Okay i have a boring bottom wardrobe. I have about 5 pairs of trousers consisting over various shades of grey/black/blue Jeans and Jeggings and a pair of linen trousers

So I was suprised and strangley excited when then trend of the coloured Skinnies came out!


Love them or hate them for autumn these are here to stay, so why not mix it up a little! instead of safe on the bottom and bold on top, why not switch it up a little! Here are my fav bargain places to pick them up

1. Primark: £11 – They have by far the widest range of colours, from lilac to bright purple, aubergine, forest green, red, coral, burgandy, and autumn taupes they have them all, and in a super stretchy super soft material too. The downside they have a low waist. Go large on the size as these are cut small

2. M&S: Their pastel shades are currently in the sale (£13) and the Autumn range is retailing at around £22.50 but they have a good fit and a high waist for holding that tummy in – their sizing seems pretty accurate too

3. New Look: Around £20 a pair, their range lacks in colour range but makes up in styles, a hugh variety to suit different shapes. Seems that the only have Autumnal range in at the moment

My Suggestion, give them a go! I will be….


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