Hertfordshire Spa – Just not up to scratch

I’ve decided to do this as an ‘all in one’ review of the spa and the treatments. Now every girl needs some pampering and I felt that both myself and my mother were long overdue for a bit of a Pamper Day so we booked some treatments with Hertfordshire Spa (Part of the golf and Country Club)

They Say:

The Hertfordshire Spa beauty salon aims to be the perfect haven for relaxation, rejuvenation and pampering, at an affordable price. With four luxurious treatment rooms, two nail bars, spray tanning booth as well as swimming pool, steam room. This beautiful spa offers a variety of treatments from head to toe, and for those glamorous ladies who like that extra pampering we at The Hertfordshire Spa offer a range of medi spa treatments, from botox & fillers, semi permanent make up, teeth whitening, face peels & microdermabrasion.

The Hertfordshire Spa prides itself in providing important personal touches. Facilities which includes, swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi and gym. There is also free parking available.

I Say:

Firstly they were impossible to get hold of, as their phone number isn’t working. I tried emailing and got no response either. Eventually out of sheer desperation I called the Golf Club who passed me a mobile number for me to call. After the third attempt I got through, the treatments I had prebooked they had got wrong so I didn’t end up getting the treatments I wanted on the day, and I was also told the card machine was broken so they were only taking cash, on top of that just as the call was going to be ended I was told to bring my own towel, but no reason was given as to what for. Now I have never heard of a Spa where you need to bring your own towel. Really not the best impression!

The Spa was easy to find and my SatNav took us straight there. The landscaped golf course was lovely and the red bricked ivy clad building was something out of a Jane Austen novel, Mush more relaxing already. Parking was tricky as the car park was full but we found somewhere in the end.

The Spa is on the second floor though some doors and up an old wooden staircase (I’m not sure about disabled access) I wouldn’t say the house has been converted especially well as the carpet was fraying and it all looked a bit creaky and run down to be honest. On the way up I passed two rooms which are used as gym studios but again a very cheap conversion, hardly the sleek elegant expectations of a grand manor, In fact it reminded me very much of the girls quarters of an old boarding school!

The entrance to the space was minimal and quaint and we were welcomed by a girl and led through to the relaxation area. The style was that of a Grecian temple with golden pillars, very ‘spa’ and bright and airy. There were also two nail stations in the space for treatments. My pervious experiences of Spas usually are that of going into a tranquility room where there is herbal tea, water and recliners with dimmed lighting and a water feature. This to me seemed more like a posh waiting area at a beauticans or hairdressers, rather than a professional Spa.

There were three girls (including the one on reception) working that day at the spa which meant that one had to keep leaving her clients unattended to go to reception to answer questions, take bookings, payments etc. Something I wouldn’t be happy with if I was in the middle of having a relaxing treatment!

None of the girls introduced themselves too us before taking us off to our respective treatments which again didn’t set the best image. (I will review the treatments separately below) We were often offered tea and coffee whilst there but there was no mention of anything more herbal or detoxifying.  After our treatments the girls just wandered off to see other clients there was no attempt to see any of the products that we had experienced during any of the therapies.

The Treatments:

The Face Therapy (60 mins) £45

Optimum skin health is just a treatment away; your therapist will suggest a range of treatments to your skins current needs. Treatment includes Deep Cleansing, Face Mapping, Exfoliation, Extractions, Steam, Treatment Masque and hand and arm massage

This was essentially a Dermalogica Facial, The therapist did do the treatment very well and I came out very relaxed, however she made no attempt to explain what she was putting on my skin, why and what the benefits would be. She also made no attempt to sell me any of the products that would have been helpful for my skin. The hand an arm massage was lovely though she was a tad overfirm on my upper arms and sometimes almost painful. The facial itself was lovely especially the face scrub and oils, which i f had known what they were I may have been inclined to purchase! She also made no explanation as to who Dermalogica were and why they are such a well reputed brand. A nice facial, executed well but with poor customer interaction.

Thermal Mud Massage (1hr 15mins) £55.00

A unique and exotic treatment that combines the detoxifying and cleansing capabilities of earth clays with the intensely moisturising power of natural oils. Olive and grape seed oils protect smooth and condition while fortifying skin with antioxidants and a unique blend of Asian herbs stimulate circulation. Your skin is smooth, soothed and protected.

my mother had this treatment and said that no explanation was given to her about where the mud came from, what brand it was, or why it was being used. during the massage she also had a towel placed over her eyes so she had no idea what was being placed on her. The strokes were of a good pressure but there were an uneaven amount of strokes either side so each side of the body wasn’t being worked on in the same way which shows poor training really. The massage itself was acceptable but nothing special and not really work the money. At the end of the treatment the body was just wiped down, no shower or anything and there was no trace of mud left on the towels or anything. No evidence was even shown that mud was even used during the treatment which seems a little odd. In my mother’s opinion (and she is a massage therapist) not worth the money

Deep Tissue Back Massage – (30mins) £30.00

Again a general massage with general oils. No questions were asked about where I held stress or if I had any back or shoulder troubles. The massage itself was very acceptable the pressure and the strokes were good, but nothing outstanding. The oils had no scent and there was no signature style to the treatment at all.

Manicure  – (approx 30 mins) £23.00

This was more of a file, cut and polish with a quick cuticle scrub in-between. The Spa uses OPI varnish, and the girl doing the treatment was the same that did the thermal mud massage. A base coat was applied, then two coats of varnish and a topcoat. The therapist had to keep using a paint brush dipped in remover to go over parts that she had painted badly. Hardly a pampering manicure worth the money.

Pure Indulgence Pedicure  – (45 mins) £32.00

we were told that this pedicure would have exfoliation, hard skin removal, heated mitts, massage and polish. However neither of us got heated mitts during our treatment at all. All the products used on our feet were Skin Truth ones which you can pick up from Sally’s for £15 for a set. Hardly the bespoke signature treatment you would expect at a Spa. The whole point being that the treatment should be exclusive that you can’t do at home! We had a foot spa, cuticle removal, a food scrub and cream and polish. Hardly pure indulgence. Mu polish lasted quite well however the therapist doing my mothers feet put on such a thick layer of topcoat that even after waiting 20-30 mins for her feet to dry the varnish smudged and was still wet, so after all that, we left with a spoilt manicure.

Final Review:

The Spa itself isn’t aligned with any Spa Products unlike many other Spas which work with Decleor, Elemis etc. The only brand that I could see they used was Dermalogica. This for me showed the lack of quality in the training that the therapists had, as if they were using Signature Spa treatments they would have had the extra training.

For me this was just like booking in for a few nice beauty treatments at your local beauty salon and it certainly didn’t have the polished and tranquil atmosphere that would warrant them calling themself a Spa. You could certainly get much better quality treatments and lower prices elsewhere.

In summary Very disappointing


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