N-Spa – Good enough to eat

Whilst doing my food shopping online… C’mon I live in a flat.. Like I’m gonna carry all that healthy food up 4 flights of stairs?… I was looking for some new bubble bath when I got distracted by this:

N-Spa Coconut Ice Cream Shower and Bath Gel

RRP: £1.50 (100ml)

They say:

“I am told, said the wise man, that the sweet water inside the coconut is created by a sea maiden…as its beautiful scent touches your nose, her soft music and laughter surrounds you. Take her hand and follow her…I am told she makes dreams come true.”

Take the simple pleasure of the fruit, add the wisdom of Nirvana, make time in your day and turn your bathroom into a blissful spa.

I say:

I reviewed the raspberry milkshake version earlier. Now I love coconut and this doesn’t disappoint, it gorgeous and ever so girlie, and makes be feel like I’ve accidentally fallen into a vat of bounty bars.

As a bubble bath its useless but as a shower or bath wash its adorable. It massages on well with an amazing scent, however the scent doesn’t linger on your skin as much as I would like. It virtually washes straight off which is a shame as it smells divine.

This product is only for girlie girls though and if you hate manufactured smells and are a bit of an essential oil purist, this product is definitely not for you. The packaging is cute as is the writing on the front and it perfect for a mini travel getaway or for the gym.


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