Summer Toes… reminds me of shimmering atolls and the bounty advert…

Firstly I’d like to dedicate this post to my two friends Laura and Lexi, who  me to the cult of turquoise toenails.

I won’t lie I’m not a total convert with the sole dedication that they have to the cause. I am a rebel and mix it up with the occasional MINX however For the summer if not Minxed up, I like to have my toes remind me of tropical summer lagoons, and if it makes my tan look gorgeous all the better. However finding the perfect turquoise is hard plus bigger bottles tend to go gloopy after a while.

Until yesterday when I discovered this…

Miss Sporty Nail Polish  – Hypnotic Turquoise

RRP £1.99

What a bargain, and what a stunning colour. I’m lazy with my toenails, (I know shame on me right??) and tend to paint over whatever varnish has chipped off (in this case a limited edition OPI Polish In ‘Mad Hatter’ if you must know) so good coverage is a must.

I won’t  lie this little bottle (only 7ml) delivered! two coats it was totally covered and the polish has a good thick, but not too gloopy consistency. I can’t deal with watery nail varnishes which you need about 5 coats of. The colour is wonderful and makes me feel like I should be wading though lapping tropical waters.

This is a good price for the size of the polish (bear in mind most other varnishes are 15-18ml) but when have you ever finished a bottle of nail varnish? they always go gloopy before the end right?

So as an inexpensive tropical toe treat I say a good buy, No all we need is the sun back to be able to show them off!


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