Gym Bag Bargain!

Whilst out and about shopping yesterday I was getting things ready for my bootcamp week! I’m off work for the next two weeks and am doing my best to eat right, go to the gym and play lots of tennis.

I don’t know if you girls have the eternal gym bag dilemma of what make up in the gym bag? I like just being able to grab my bag and go rather than check I’ve packed my hair brush, towel, make up hair ties, shower gel etc before going to the gym, The quicker I can grab the bag and go the more likely I’ll get there!

My solution? Cheap inexpensive doubles of make up (Yeah like I’m going to double up on all my MAC stuff!) it was whilst browsing in Boots that I came up with this little gem

Natural Collection Suntint Bronzing powder – Golden Glow

RRP £1.99 (what a bargain)

They say:

Natural Collection Suntint Bronzing Powder gives a soft sun-kissed glow to your face.

I say:

Firstly at the price? what a bargain, seriously, you cannot get ANYTHING for £1.99 anymore, remember girls were a nation that pay £4+ for a latte! so when I saw this little gem I couldn’t resist giving it a go. I’m thrilled I did, you can use a light dusting as a matte finishing powder or use a little more to give a gorgeous healthy glow.

It has a slight pink undertone to give a healthy natural flush, great for the lighter toned skins as well. it has gold flecks pressed into the powder to help give a bronzed glow without looking too orange. For me a great blusher/bronzer combo and a great quality product for the price!

For me this will not be leaving my gym bag, great for the fresh-faced after glow of the gym!


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