Crazy Angel – natural tanning

So finally we have some summer! and in my depressed state I booked myself a spray tan in the vain attempt to get some colour into my skin. After a bit of online hunting I found Aimee who uses Crazy Angel tanning products.

RRP  £10 -25

They Say:

The Crazy Angel self tan concept came from a need, want and desire for a personalised self tan. Crazy Angel knows that all angels are unique and that a one colour suits-all product isn’t personalised enough with an angelic touch for their precious bodies. From this the boutique brand was born. Ingredients were sourced from around the world to meet with the strict, alcohol, mineral oil and paraben free promise. Our range wouldn’t look out of place in any boudoir. Whether this is at home, your salon, on location or on the catwalk, Crazy Angel will add a touch of angelic class.

After intense product innovation and development only those that achieved the most gorgeous and fabulous tan made it in to the collection. Staying true to the original concept of offering a fabulous, flawless and fantastic tanning range, the industry specialists at Crazy Angel Head Quarters are so passionate and work relentlessly to create new products that will revolutionise the world of tanning.

 I Say:

From what I can see the range comes in three colours Golden Mistress (6% DHA) Twilight Mistress (9% DHA) and Midnight Mistress (13% DHA)

Aimee arrived perfectly on time and looked professional in all her salon kit. I explained to her I was a spray tan virgin and she was very good at explaining things and putting me at ease. The one down side? I filled in no client card and she asked nothing about allergies etc. She also made no attempt to rebook me, which seemed a shame for her as I may have rebooked her if she’d have asked.

Its one of those lovely pop up tent jobs, where you stand naked while she sprays you, she seemed very good and thorough which was nice and asked me if I wanted to go darker etc. I also never felt rushed with her as well, which for me during a beauty treatment is important.. as that’s the whole point its a treat! The whole thing lasted about 20 mins and I got to wear the sexy hairnet and stick on feet which is always a good look! the things we girls go though.

I now have to wait 6-8 hours prior to washing which doesn’t seem too fun, I’m looking for the best results! I decided to be a twilight mistress (oh I wish!) and so far the results look pretty natural. The smell is fine, not to biscuity and the colour definitely has more of a brown undertone than orange! I shall keep you posted ladies but definitely worth a try as a pre holiday perk, just remember chlorine washes it straight off, so maybe stick to going in the sea for the first few days!



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