Add a bit of sparkle to your lives…

Girls as we know a girl loves jewellery, and it never goes out of fashion. So why not treat yourself and add a little sparkle to your lives. I’m a huge fan I know sad right? but I recently picked up some gorgeous bargain pieces.

The best thing about gems? The don’t wear out, they don’t go out of fashion they become heirlooms and if you treat yourself you don’t have the ‘I cant wear it because of the memories’ issue should it be a gift of romance!

Why not treat yourself and tell yourself you deserve it!

I recently purchased

Multi-Gem Sterling Silver Ring  1.53cts

£19.00 (what a bargain!)

A Sterling Silver Ring has a beautifully graduated setting. Includes prized sky blue Topaz, Amethyst, Peridot, Citrine and red Garnet.

Canary Kunzite & yellow sapphire 18k gold plated ring 3.08cts
RRP £33
A stunning Canary Green Kunzite & Yellow Sapphire Ring from the Annabella collection, set into 18K Gold Plated featuring 2.40cts of Canary Kunzite from Afghanistan.
Canary Kunzite ranks amongst one of the rarest gemstones we have ever discovered for This Canary Kunzite takes rareness to a whole new level!

If you wear this romantic treasure outdoors and then bring it into a dark room, the gem will actually retain energy from the sun and for a short period will literally glow in the dark. This fairly unique natural occurrence in nature is referred to as phosphorescence.

I say:
The multi gem ring has a beautiful amount of sparkle and is great as an everyday ring, and due to the colours goes with every outfit! I feel naked without a ring on my finger so this a great buy for everyday wear without risking my more expensive pieces
The Canary Kunzite literaly glitters with every movement and would look outstanding with a tan! maybe a bit much for everyday wear but a stunning item. i don’t usually like cluster settings but this one is really quite lovely and for the price of a new top? why not invest in some sparkle!



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