Truly Golden

Okay I won’t lie I’m MAC obsessed. I get little butterflies every time I go into that gorgeous little shop and decide what little treat to get for myself. The packaging.. the service all of it just makes me grin from ear to ear as I come out clutching that little bag with its gorgeous minimal box inside… well it brings a little glamour and movie star to all of us!

So on my latest trip (for yet another blusher!) I suddenly saw this little gold flecked beauty glinting at me….

MAC Mineralize skinfinish in Gold Deposit

RRP £21.50

They say:

A luxurious velvet-soft powder with high-frost metallic finish. Smoothes on: adds buffed-up highlights to cheeks, brows, anywhere on the body: provides an ultra-deluxe polish to the skin.

I say:

Less is definitely more with this product! only load a little onto the brush as it certainly goes a long way. I would also say it works well on olive, or darker skin. If you’re pale this is definitely not for you! The colour is a deep golden sheen, with a very strong glimmer pigment. Again if you like a matte finish I would avoid this, however if you love the bronze summer glow sweeping this over your eyelids and upper cheekbone area gives you a gorgeous healthy flush which lasts literally all day.

I’m not one usually for glitter etc but used sparingly it can provide a glamorous gorgeous healthy glow and can double up as a great eyeshadow as well as a body highlighter. It is one of the first products that I’ve tried which I could recommend as a multi use product. I also think it would be a great holiday buy to go with a tan on a night out when foundation is just too much (and probably the wrong tone for your tan!)

The price looks hefty but really it’s not as the product lasts ages.

Well worth a go for that summer glow!


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