A girls best friend!

Okay I know it’s not essentially a review, more of a statement.

A staple outfit during the day for most of us is a vest top, jeans and cute slouch cardie right? but getting vest tops is way harder than people think…

But girlies seriously your hunt for the perfect vest top is over! I’ve tried New look (too short in the body and fade quickly), Topshop (made for boys also looses shape quickly), Oasis (£15! are you kidding) I could go on and on…

Your hunt is over, trust me. the best place to get a vest top? Primark.

Seriously, I’m not joking… and at £2 a top I have one in every colour (and 4 in black!)

these things are perfect, they are long in the body, they fit well, they are fade resistant, have great stretch for the bustier of us, the never lose their shape and get that baggy look and look great layered. They also come in literally  every colour under the sun. I have about 20 (embarrassingly I’m not even joking) they are even great to sleep in too. Unlike a lot of other primark items the sizing comes up pretty regular as well.

Get yourself down to Primark girlies the hunt is over!



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