Champneys Mediterranean Bliss – Because in this weather we all need a bit of Summer!

God this weather is depressing! It doesn’t help that I’ve been trying to shake a headache for two days either!

So I figured a pampering bath with a good book would cheer me up. I also thought it would a breat time to review this.

Champneys Spa Indulgence Mediterranean Bliss Body Glow – what a mouthful! it contains Olive leaf, Fig milk & green tomato, quite a witches brew!

RRP: £10

They Say:

Inspired by Mediterranean sunshine, this exfoliating blend with sugar, olive oil, olive stone granules, coconut oil and shea butter leaves your skin feeling moisturised, smooth and glowing.

I say:

A surprisingly nice product! I am always wary of spa products that sell out to high street shops. I find that the quality just isn’t there, so this one was a pleasant surprise.

The smell is nice, if a little masculine (not one for you girlie girls) but does strangely seem to capture the essence of memories of summer holidays in Greece. and the body scrub has good size grains to it. It goes on well and gives a really nice exfoliating sensation to the skin without feeling too greasy unlike other similar products.

It washes off easily and leaves what I can describe as a very thin moisturing oil film after, so no need to moisturise! I wouldn’t say my body was glowing, but it does make my skin feel softer and the scent lingers behind on the skin well (again something which other products don’t tend to do)

I think this is a good before bed product so as the scent is quite soothing and it will give your skin time to absorb the oils left behind. The packaging looks pretty and would make a great girlie gift for others.

Maybe not a bathroom essential but one great for a birthday or christmas pamper wish list! Though saying that if you are a big body scrub fan, this is definitely the best quality one I’ve tried so far!



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  1. Max Payne 3 says:

    Greeting from over the world. Great post I will return for more.

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