Spot Success

Meet my new beauty must have for those who have spots or acne, and at a fantastic price too! This buy was a bit of a gamble from online when my skin certainly wasn’t looking its best!

meet Freederm Fast Track

RRP £6

They Say:

New Freederm Fast Track is the newest addition to the Freederm range. Its rapid action formula is specifically formulated by experts to visibly reduce redness in just 3 hours

Fast Track’s unique formula fights spots fast and reduces irritation, leaving the skin looking healthier.

After cleansing the affected and surrounding skin thoroughly, and before moisturising, apply a thin film of gel to cover the affected area.
I Say:
My gamble paid off. when used regularly it definitely helps keep my skin clearer than before but wont get rid of all spots completely
I would recommend using it nightly as the gel can leave a tight ‘film-like’ feeling which looks a little flaky under make up. I tend to put it on and then remove with face wash and toner in the morning.
The product itself is quite a thick gel but is easy to blend and dries very quickly. It has a very strong chemical astringent smell which strangely I quite like. If you have just had a bath or steamed your face it can also lead to tingling feeling on application but nothing unpleasant.
I think this is a great go to product and a must have for spotty oily skin. The tube itself is small in size but lasts a good long time and is for me a make up bag essential!

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