My Ego Boost falls flat!

So as we all know we put our hair through a lot. My hair alone in the past 2 and a bit years has been honey blonde (not a good look) black, dark brown, red and now brown and highlighted. All this processing can really do some damage, and as I’m looking to grow it longer I was in desperate need of a good split end conditioner

Meet Bed Head Ego Boost

RRP £9.80

They say:

TIGI Bedhead Ego Boost is a split end mender and leave in conditioner for dry, damaged hair

Protects dry, damaged hair from external aggressors smooths, seals hair & repairs split ends Leaves hair looking healthy Apply sparingly to hair after shampooing No need to rinse out

Boost your ego, mend and protect your dry and damaged hair from environmental elements, chemical treatments and styling. Hair is strengthened and smoothed, for a healthy look and feel and a glossy finish. Bedhead

I say:

Cute modern bottle but looks a bit bright in my usually muted bathroom. Maybe one for the funky modern gal or teenage market in looks. The product itself is like a clear/whitish fluid slightly sticky in texture with a very ‘hair care’ smell. I tended to use it when my hair was still wet. I just took a few pups in my hand and ran it through the ends of my hair.

I used it for approximately 6 months prior to writing this review as I wanted to give it a chance due to my over processed hair. However it really doesn’t come up to scratch. It doesn’t leave any residue in you hair or make it feel like it’s weighed down at all which is a plus, but on the other hand it doesn’t seem to do anything either. My hair was certainly not softer nor more manageable, in fact it tends to feel a little more brittle after use. The split ends seemed to come back just as quickly as before (and I don’t brush my hair when we and let it dry naturally)

It maybe that my hair is just too damaged to make a difference as there are other good reviews out there. For me though it’s just not worth the money… and so the hunt for another product continues….


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