Magpie… me? No!

Okay ladies i’ll let you into a secret, I love jewellery, what girl doesn’t right? but I especially love rings. All shapes sizes colours, and cuts. For me diamonds are great, but rings are a girls new best friend.

I’d like to introduce you to my new bargain

RRP £22 (

A delightful Ring from the “Annabella” collection, made of Gold Flash Sterling Silver featuring alluring Fern Green Quartz  (4.44cts) from India.
The gem is in a beautiful raised 6 claw setting showing of the entire cut gem rather than hiding it from view. The gem is a stunning brilliant cut with a clarity of Si1-2
A sparking addition to any finger! the size of the gem is wonderfully balanced with the band and the setting shows of the gem rather than detracts from it. It’s not big enough to be obtrusive or cheap looking but not small enough to be overlooked.
One of my new favs! (yes even over the diamonds!)

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