Cream Puff – Average Stuff!

I love lipsticks, Stains and Balms so anytime I see anything new I usually end up giving it a go.

introducing CreamPuff by Collection 2000

RRP £2.99

Cute packaging and cute price. Only downside is the sickly marshmallow smell from the tube. The applicator is what you would imagine from a lip cream and the product does go on with a beautiful velvety soft feel.

This product also has a matte finish which is a nice change from a lot of things out on the market. It comes in 4 different shades and personally I like Fairy Cake and Angel delight. It’s a shame that the product does come in a pillarbox red as well as that shade in matte finish is hard to find.

The price is great and the staying power of the product reflects that, so bank on re-applications aver 2-3 hours, it’s a small size as well which means you can slip it into a clutch bag easily for top ups on a night out.

The shades are great unobtrusive colours, perfect for work or daytime wear. however if you’re looking for something brighter you wont find it here.

A great holiday buy or to update your look with the matte 50’s feel however I don’t think it purchase it again just due to the fact the product doesn’t have the ‘must have feeling’ However if you want a little cheer up treat I say go for it!


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