•Derma Co® Pro System – Ultrasound Skin Peeler with Cryotherapy and LED light therapy

Well girls, I’ve had a bad week, one of those where you feel needy moany, and grumpy and generally bombard your friends with all of your problems.

So I decided serious pampering was in order. A few weeks ago I got my Groupon Voucher for Microdermabrasion at Beyond Beauty in Notte Street Plymouth and decided that the best way to cheer myself up is for some pampering, beauty on the inside and out.

My first session was today. Now from the outside the salon doesn’t look great, I won’t lie to you, it is need of a lick of paint and some good dusting, and two members of staff whilst I was waiting were eating their sandwiches and lunch in front of clients. One at the nail bar and one at the reception desk, not entirely the best start.

However the therapist I saw came across as very warm friendly and professional and after a chat and brief skin consultation we decided that as I had three sessions of microdermabrasion booked in that maybe we should look at getting my skin ready for it in the first session.

Firstly my face was cleansed and then a warm metal plate was moved all across my skin to warm the face and open the pores ready for the Ultrasound.

Water was brushed on my skin for the ultrasound skin peeler to work its wonder magic – The ultrasound wave stimulates skin tissue and improves permeability of the membrane to promote collagen tissue and helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, it also provides deep cleaning and skin exfoliation.

This process took up most of the session and felt quite comfortable, my therapist seemed extremely diligent and focused on my skin and blemishes turning up the frequency where it was needed most and generally being very thorough! She really seemed like she knew what she was doing.

After that collagen was brushed on my face and then the LED light therapy was used with a blue light which  treats acne, increases collagen and elastin production as used on problematic skin. 

the excess collagen was then cleaned of and the Cryotherapy was then used again , the cold side this time to close the pores, my face was then finished off with a toner and moisturizer.

Aside from the actual salon, which can be overlooked, as lets face it the small salons are where the bargains are, i was really impressed with the system and the way in which the therapist worked, I think were doing microdermabrasion next time so I shall keep you posted!

I asked her how often I should come back for maintainance treatment and she advised ideally every two weeks, but monthly is also quite good as £30 for 30mins can be quite hefty on the pocket



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