The Firminator? – not as painful as it sounds!

Well Girls, none of us like flabby upper arms or bingo wings do we? they always look awful in photos and are so damn hard to get rid of!

I too suffer from bingo wing paranoia, and no matter how much I go to the gym and am slimming down I still don’t have toned arms like Katy Perry or Jen Aniston

Introducing my new cheat plan!

The Firminator™

What Boots say:

What’s inside that counts?
– Multi-Fruit Smoothers
– Detoxing Seaweed Extracts
– Elasticity-Boosters

Featuring: Firm2Fit Complex – clinically proven to help drain cellular fat and convert it to ‘firm’.

Tight genes?
Want to look like you were born in them? Twice a day massage The Firminator™ onto any area of your body that – left to its own devices – lacks an acceptable level of lift or lean. After 56 days, you may not believe your thighs (or your arms, or your abs).

Soap & Glory says: firm the other cheek. (After all, it’s a game of two halves).

The packaging is typical Soap & Glory retro cute, blue bottle this time with a cooling blue gel inside. When you put it on it has a slight definite minty tingle. it is fairly thick and sticky in texture but seems to sink in reasonably quickly

I’ve been using it now for about 2 weeks, and there is a definite difference, okay I’m not Jen An yet, but I’m on my way there.

Okay okay it says to use it everywhere, but I’ve only been using it on my upper arms. Online reviews seem to say it works pretty well elsewhere too.

Currently retailing at boots £10.37 a bottle

(which will last about a month using it twice a day on upper arms)


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