Who said the 70’s were about hairy armpits? and who said Tescos are for your groceries?

Shoes are gorgeous, wonderful feel good things no matter how fat you feel or what size you really are you can always have cute feet!

lets face it who doesn’t like wearing heels? elongated your legs, tilts your pelvis giving a natural swing to your hips making you seem instantly more sexy and more confident (seriously try it!)

 I’m a total shoe hoarder, always looking for the latest style to update my wardrobe. 70’s shoes have been a really big thing spring summer 2011, but sadly the prices of the shoes haven’t been very purse friendly…until now that is

Introducing the: F&F Suedette chunky platforms

Tesco say: Retro 70s style platform shoes with a cross over peep toe featuring buckle, All over suede effect finish with metallic buckle, Buckle fastened ankle strap

I love these and picked them up shopping about two weeks ago. Now I have wide feet which cause me chaos when shoe shopping but these fit like a dream, Talk about elongating your legs and surprisingly easy to walk in. I took these for a test drive last weekend when on a night out and 5-6 hours later didn’t feel the need to take them off at all.

I love everything about these, the vintage style, the fact that it has no strap across the ankle (guaranteed to make your legs look like a foot shorter!) the cute 70’s colour or the fact they go with pretty much everything.

So whats the damage? I think you may have noticed I don’t like paying premium for my shoes, so these gorgeous sexy babies come in at a mere £22 from Tescos.

Time saving and a great price! it would be criminal not to have these shoes!

who says they can’t have retail therapy while doing the weekly shop!

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